Learn how to make ballroom dance hairstyles online with the help of one master class only!
You will be able to learn all the techniques and secrets, master them, learn how to perform the perfect smooth and shiny hairdo and you will be also able to save up to $1,000 per year due to the fact that you are going to make all your hairdos yourself from now on.
We will not only show you how to do things right, but we will also highlight all the common mistakes so you could easily avoid them.
FOR WHOM online training dance
hairstyles and makeup will be
USEFUL in the first place?
parents who have their kids dancing and competing on regular basis would really love to save money on dancing hairstyles and make-up. Our course gives this ability to people with different levels of skills – by the end of it, you will be totally able to make your kid look great on the dance floor!
Stylists always need to perfect their skills and find new hair and make-up looks for clients – that`s what this course is about!
Professional dancers always want to keep up with latest trends and change their hairstyles and make-up looks whenever and however they want
which will give them a chance to make money and find many clients in beauty industry
What you are going to achieve after our course
  • Master the techniques
    You will learn how to hold a hairbrush and a hairdryer the right way, you will easily make corrugated hair, and you will be able to put up with any type of hair at all and make it into the perfect hairdo.
  • Savings
    Save your time, money and nerves on creating hairstyles with your own hands.
  • Techniques and secrets
    You will get a hold of a ton of secrets and techniques, which will help you to make the form of the hairdo look perfect, you will learn how to make versatile buns and beautiful eye wings when it comes to make-up keeping the proportions right.
  • Teacher's consultation 24/7
    You will get support and motivation from your teacher and TOP stylist at any time, with a detailed description and explanation of mistakes, as well as recommendations on how to avoid them.
  • Perfectly smooth and shiny hairdos
    You will learn how to perform the glossy and shiny look, and what is the most important — after this course, you will be able to perform a smooth hairdo with a glass-like surface in just 30 minutes.
  • Choice
    More than 6 training programs to choose from, including women's and men's courses.
  • Personal style
    You will be able to find the perfect hairdo and make-up for any look that will good best on the dance floor, and you will be able to combine different elements and techniques in one look.
  • Life hacks and tips
    We will share with you all the secrets of creating dance images that we have discovered in almost 8 years of working in the industry.
Each secret can become completely transparent to you; all you need is give it a try! We reveal all our secrets towards creating perfect dance looks; we share experience, knowledge, life hacks and chips that you will find highly efficient. We were able to form all of them during more than 10,000 hours of practice!
How is our training going?
We improve our training platform every day and add even more information to our courses.
  • Step 1: An email is sent to your email address
    с доступом в личный кабинет с обучающими мастер-классами. Обучение включает: мастер-классы, домашние задания, pdf-файлы, поддержку преподавателя. Огромное количество теоретического и практического материала!
  • Step 2: Learn detailed master classes
    профессиональная съемка, разные ракурсы, крупные планы. Каждый курс упакован и разбит на необходимое количество уроков от простого к сложному, научится даже новичок.
  • Step 3: Complete tasks at a convenient time
    в том темпе, в котором удобно с любого устройства. Доступ к обучению остается НАВСЕГДА !
  • Step 4: Working with a teacher stylist
    Закрепляешь знания, исправляешь ошибки. Поддержка онлайн 24/7 в течение целого месяца. Личная поддержка куратора по любым твоим вопросам и сложностям обеспечит тебе гарантированный результат!
2 738

Students all over the world have already studied with us

Years of experience in creating images in the dance field

Students join the training every day
Moiseeva Maria
She is the founder and TOP-stylist of studio image Mary Queen.
• 21 years in dance sport. An athlete of international class, which means she knows everything about fashion trends in the dance world.

• More than 2,600 students from all over the world studied at Mary Queen!

• He has been working in the dance image industry for over 7 years.

Students from all over the world: Russia, CIS countries, America, Canada, China, Europe, etc.
IMPORTANT: the main criterion for choosing training is the results of students! And we guarantee you the best result possible!

Do you want to make sure that our training is effective? Look at the work of students that they were able to do on their own after the first master class.
Using the unique author's method of Mary Queen school, you will get a powerful program of lessons with an emphasis on all the nuances, clarifying all the details and a detailed explanation from simple to complex — which is equivalent to an individual twosome lesson with a stylist.
— Mary Queen
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Sign up for a course and learn how to create images independently and save up to $100 per tournament.
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We give two guarantees for you would not doubt your choice.
Best price guarantee*
If you find an identical offer that is lower in price, and it actually turns out to be such, we will make a 10% discount on the found price!

(*Offer only applies to training packages)
Best result guarantee*
We guarantee you the result if you regularly complete your homework and follow the comments of our teachers.

(*This guarantee only applies to teacher-supported training)
Response to question
We have collected the most popular questions and answered them:
  • Can I learn online:
    Distance learning has been successfully applied since the 1990s. Without losing effectiveness due to the simplicity of applied techniques, we have already trained more than 2,700 people around the world.
  • Will I be able to learn from scratch:
    You are guaranteed to learn how to do the hair and makeup stated in the course, with a condition that you complete your homework and recommendations from your curator-stylist. The results of training can be viewed in the section "Student's Work".
  • Online training is expensive:
    Full-fledged training (one training master class plus full support of a top stylist for a whole month) costs only $15. We think that is a very low price for a large amount of knowledge.

If you want to learn dance hairstyles and makeup, do it with Mary Queen!

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